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Christopher DiBella, the passionate and driven founding partner of DiBella Law, is a man whose life experiences have uniquely shaped his approach to law. Chris’s journey is not just about legal expertise, but also about empathy and understanding, deeply rooted in his personal history. As a child, he experienced the life-altering impact of a severe car accident involving his brother, an event that forever changed his perspective on the victims of such tragedies.

This book delves into Chris’s inspirational path to law, highlighting his resilience and dedication. A first-generation college student, Chris was propelled towards a legal career by his father, a hardworking laborer who saw law as a means to make a significant difference in people’s lives. This belief was further cemented by Chris’s experiences with the struggles of his immigrant grandparents and the hardships faced by his father in the construction industry.

Educated at Suffolk University Law School and Boston University, Chris’s academic achievements are a testament to his commitment. With a J.D., B.A., and an M.B.A. with high honors, he is not only academically accomplished but also deeply human in his approach to law. His career spans fighting for employees’ rights, serving as a prosecutor, and advocating for accident victims, always with a focus on the people behind the cases.

Chris DiBella’s story is more than that of an attorney, it’s a narrative of empathy, struggle, and triumph. With numerous honors and awards, including being named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers® and receiving recognition from The National Trial Lawyers, Chris’s professional accolades mirror his personal dedication to justice.

This is the story of Christopher DiBella, a lawyer who brings not just his legal acumen but also his heart to every case, making DiBella Law Offices a beacon of hope and support for those in need.

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Chris Dibella is an outstanding attorney…
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