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Chris DiBella

Since the launch of the "Let's Get Personal" podcast with Chris DiBella in 2023, we've had the extraordinary privilege of engaging in deep, revealing conversations with some of the most brilliant and influential figures in the worlds of law, business, and beyond.

Our dialogues have covered an array of compelling and diverse topics, yet all share a common thread: the transformative power of personal journeys. Each episode highlights that there's no singular route to success. From overcoming challenges to leveraging personal experiences in professional arenas, our guests illuminate the art of turning personal trials into triumphs.

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discover how these remarkable individuals have harnessed their personal narratives to drive change and achieve greatness.

“Let’s Get Personal” with Chris DiBella isn’t just a podcast, it’s a gateway to understanding the profound impact of personal stories in shaping successful careers and lives.

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Chris Dibella is an outstanding attorney…
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